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It was truly a privilege to serve as the Editor-in-Chief and Lead Producer at No Film School from 2016-2018. No Film School is the most popular filmmaking website and community in the world (and IMHO, the best!), averaging 4 million pageviews per month.  Its articles are written by filmmakers, for filmmakers and include interviews, news, podcasts and videos designed to help readers become better filmmakers—no film school required.


In my role at NFS, I got to oversee daily operations of the site. I identified, wrote, assigned, and edited daily stories of importance to filmmakers, including on-site coverage of top-tier film festivals like Sundance and SXSW and interviews with major industry players, as well as time-sensitive content and breaking news. 


I also developed, scripted, and co-hosted our weekly podcast that consistently ranked among iTunes Top 50 in the Film & TV category and generated three million streams. Read more about that here.


Most importantly, I learned new things every day and got to meet, help, inform, and collaborate with thousands of fellow filmmakers around the world. You can find every episode of the podcast here and read my articles here.

From No Film School's 2018 Media Kit

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