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“This graphic, dynamic film will inhabit your ears and mind like a bass line that pounds into your consciousness and stays with you for days."

-San Francsico Jewish Film Festival


Jericho’s Echo is the project that made me a filmmaker. After getting laid off from a dot-com company in San Francisco, I decided that instead of going to film school to pursue my dream career, I would buy a camera and—true to my own punk rock roots—D.I.Y. it. It follows pretty naturally that my first feature-length documentary was about life and politics in the Middle East, as seen through the eyes of Israeli punk rockers.


The film’s official logline is: “Rebellious Israeli youth take up the arms of punk rock, loud guitars, and mohawks in the most politically charged area of the world. Through interviews, verite´ scenes and live musical footage, we see how these well-spoken and outspoken kids deal with life in their explosive, ancient region.” The film went on to screen all over the world and inspire some incredible conversations that went beyond the typical headlines. Email to order a DVD.

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