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Jerusalem Unfiltered is a multi-platform documentary that immerses audiences in the richness and complexity of contemporary Jerusalem.  Visitors take a  journey that transports them directly to the city streets with some of the city’s most dynamic, progressive change-makers. With a colorful vision for a vibrant and pluralistic Jerusalem, these diverse citizens have founded political and cultural movements to re-imagine community arts, public spaces, and social activism, working to revitalize their city and to allow all voices to be heard. 


I interviewed over 40 of these fascinating Jerusalemites (including Itamar, in the video to the left, an ultra-Orthodox student pushing for reform in his traditional community), and am turning each interview into a short film. These are part of an online experience (see the demo) and can be remixed to according to the interests of different live audiences. Contact me to arrange a screening and talk tailored especially for your class or group.

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