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"Sundance Collab has helped me find my voice and narrow down my career path to the place I am comfortable moving forward. That is absolutely priceless...

I will never forget the value or the people or the things that I've learned or felt. Keep Collab going. You're changing lives."


—Collab community member


What an honor to be part of the original development team of Sundance Collab for a daunting but important task: to bring online the 40-year work of the Sundance Institute supporting indie filmmakers with the goal of expanding its offerings to emerging creators from around the globe.


From there, we built the idea into a world-class resource with hundreds of hours of filmmaking content, advancing the projects and careers of tens of thousands of creatives and forming a community of 200k+ talents from almost every country in the world…just wow! 


The site continues to expand, as does our community of filmmakers who continuously amaze me with their bold, fresh ideas and projects, and their drive to make their voices heard against all the odds.

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